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Water Management

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21 months
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Institute for International Education

Program description

The Water Management program is aimed at young and mid-career professionals, in technical and management positions, who want to expand their knowledge of water and environmental resources, quality issues and provision of water and sanitation.

Introduction to Water Management
Many regions of the world are increasingly facing challenges when it comes to managing water, and the nature of these challenges differs from one location to the next. It may relate to having too little water while water demands are growing explosively (water scarcity), too much water (flooding), and water of poor quality rendering them unfit to sustain the ecosystem or challenges related to providing water for people, industry and agriculture. Addressing these challenges requires that water managers apply an integrated and interdisciplinary approach, involving hydrological, biophysical, chemical, economic, institutional, legal, policymaking and planning aspects.

Water Management Program
The Water Management Program provides such an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. The program brings together the scientific study of water resources with practical planning and management skills. Participants are encouraged to study water management from a multi-disciplinary perspective and to seek integrated solutions. Twelve months of blended and innovative learning methods, including lectures, laboratory and fieldwork, case studies, group work, role-plays and self-study, are complemented by six months of applied research in the field of water management theory and practice. The Water Management Masters Program aims to develop knowledge, insight and skills required to design, implement and evaluate water management policies and strategies to achieve effective governance of water resources. .

Water Management the program for you?
Young and mid-career professionals, in technical or management positions, with responsibilities for, or interests in, water and environmental resources, quality issues or provision of water and sanitation. The program is open to participants from a range of academic backgrounds, as long as they have a Bachelors degree in an area that contributes to water management, including engineering, economics, law, social sciences and natural sciences.

Water Management students can elect one of the following specializations:

- Water Conflict Management
- Water Quality Management
- Water Resources Management
- Water Services Management

Admission requirements

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