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Urban Management & Development: Sustainable Urbanism

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English (100%)
10 months
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Netherlands Government
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Institute for International Education

Program description

The Urban Management & Development: Sustainable Urbanism program uses the concept of sustainable urbanism as a framework for interdisciplinary planning and design of contemporary cities, neighborhoods and settlements.

This ten and a half months course offers a comprehensive training program that covers the main conceptual issues related to Urban Management & Development (UMD) with a special focus on Sustainable Urbanism. The program provides theories on various topics and takes participants to some real case studies and fieldtrips in Rotterdam and other cities in Netherlands where they will see practical applications of the knowledge provided in the program that will help them in the development of their ateliers, exercises and the final project. 

Urban Management & Development: Sustainable Urbanism explores sustainability and urban design in a rapidly urbanizing world by focusing on the actor’s roles and processes that shape the form and function of the built environment in its full complexity – infrastructures, land developments, built landscapes, and facilities – that collectively make up the urban areas. 

The program is divided in three modules (Introduction, Foundations and Specialization) that approach UMD & Sustainable Urbanism taking into account the interconnection of environmental, economic, and social issues that are the three pillars of the sustainability.
Organization of the Programme

The UMDSU programme study load follows the guidelines of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This credit system determines the workload of courses. One ECTS is 28 study hours. This is an average workload, as some participants may require more and others less time. Courses offered in the program vary from 1 to 12.5 ECTS. The Program has a maximum of 60 ECTS in total.
The UMDSU Program has a duration of 10.5 months and is divided into three modules: Introductory, Foundations and Specialization.

These modules are composed of seven courses, three ateliers and a final project. The introduction and foundation modules provide the theoretical base for the specialization module that is composed of ateliers (practical group exercises using real cases), professional courses and the final project.

Each course and atelier comprises of different sessions that addresses one topic and can be take the form of classroom lectures, individual and/or group work exercises, field visits, reading tutorials, etc. 


Admission requirements

Previous education

A relevant Bachelor degree and working experience

Language test


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