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Municipal Water and Infrastructure

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21 months
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Netherlands Government
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Institute for International Education

Program description

The Municipal Water and Infrastructure program educates professionals in the fields of water supply, sanitation and water engineering and management, particularly in urban areas.

Introduction to Municipal Water Infrastructure
Recent decades have witnessed an increasing rate of urbanization, particularly in developing regions and in countries in transition. About 80% of the world’s mega-cities can be found in these regions. During the next two decades the world’s population is expected to double. The high concentration of people in urban areas will place enormous pressure on the local environment and on available resources. It will also generate ever-higher, sometimes conflicting demands on services such as water supply and sanitation.

Municipal Water Infrastructure Program
Participant will learn about the social, economic and environmental aspects of urbanisation and the municipal supply and discharge of water. Moreover, students will learn how to make a contribution to the development of innovative and sustainable approaches of the supply and discharge of water in developing countries. .

Municipal Water Infrastructure the program for you?
The programme is directed predominantly at civil and sanitary engineers working in water supply and waste-water companies, municipal assemblies, government ministries and consulting companies dealing with water supply, sanitation and municipal infrastructure. Depending on their choice of specialization, participants should have a Bachelors or equivalent degree in civil engineering, sanitary engineering, chemical engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering or related fields. Prospective candidates would also benefit greatly from having had several years of experience as a professional engineer.

The Municipal Water and Infrastructure program allows students to elect one of the following specializations:

- Sanitary Engineering
- Urban Water Engineering and Management
- Water Supply Engineering

Admission requirements

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