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MFA Interactive Media and environments, Fine Arts

Degree type
Language of education
24 months
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Netherlands Government
Type of institution
University of Applied Sciences

Program description

The Master of Fine Arts Interactive Media and Environments (MFA IME) is an interdisciplinary programme of higher education in computer related media art and experimental art research.

The Interactive Media and environments program covers topics such as interactive phenomena, artistic software development, robotics, electronics, (3D) computer visualization, digital imaging, multimedia, internet art, installations, and sound presentations. The programme promotes the development of computer and media artists by bringing them into contact with present-day practice in computermediated art, software (internet) programming, art and media theory, and technological and scientific developments. Students are challenged to explore the interfaces of art, science and technology in order to become familiar with content and contexts that do not readily fit in with the traditional definition of art.

Master Interactive Media and Environments Program Objectives

MFA Interactive Media and environments has the aim of providing Master’s Degree education at University of Applied Science level that will enable students to develop their proven talent in such a way that they can make a professional contribution to the domain of (media) technology (incl. high-tech art, media art and computer-mediated information transfer) on the basis of their own artistic research and reflection.

Master Interactive Media and Environments Study Subjects

Semesters 1 and 2: study modules The first year offers a programme with practical and theoretical workshops in the domain of Interactive Media & Environments, and includes themes such as: computer technology, software programming, 2-D and 3-D and media theory. The number of workshops and courses gradually decreases in the second term, and the formulation of the final graduation project is initiated. The first year is concluded with a clear presentation of the plans for the final graduation projects.

Master Interactive Media and Environments Related Programs

Besides the Interactive Media and environments program, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen  offers a range of other Arts related programs such as the Master in Scenography, Fine Arts

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Master Interactive Media and Environments Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the Interactive Media and environments program will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top Master degree at Hanze University of Appied Sciences Groningen.

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Admission requirements

Previous education

Diploma from a recognized institution for higher (art) education, or an equivalent qualification, or proven capabilities in the field.

Professional experience

Adequate knowledge of at least 1 computer operating system, experience with traditional art-related software.

Assessment interview

There are two rounds to the admissions procedure. In the first round, the documentation and completed entry form you have submitted, and your written motivation, are assessed. The second round consists of an interview that lasts over an hour, which may be followed by a second interview.
If it is not possible for foreign students to come to Groningen for an admissions interview, the interview
will be conducted by telephone or via Skype.

Knowledge minimum

Unorthodox knowledge about computing is highly appreciated.

Artistic talent

Zie voor toelatingseisen http://www.hanze.nl/home/Schools/Academie+Minerva/Opleidingen/Master+Frank+Mohr+Instituut/MFA+Interactive+Media+and+Environments/Studie-inhoud+en+toelating.htm

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