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Mechanical Engineering

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24 months
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Program description

Mechanical engineering is a very broad discipline. It focuses on conceiving, designing, analyzing, making and improving mechanical products, processes and systems.

In the Master’s degree program Mechanical Engineering you learn to apply concepts and models to complex engineering issues arising in science and industry. Teaching and research are closely integrated within this program. You are kept aware of the latest developments in the discipline. You become familiar with all the latest tools and technologies. As soon as you register for the program you choose one of the five graduation tracks: Computational and Experimental Mechanics, Dynamic Systems Design, Thermo Fluids Engineering, Automotive Engineering Science and Micro and Nanotechnology.

Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

The first year is dedicated to elective courses and an internship. Most of the second year is dedicated to an in-depth graduation project, based on the knowledge you have gained during your track. Mechanical Engineering at the TU/e is regularly at the top of the list in mechanical engineering research assessments, while the education program has been the number one in the Netherlands for many years. Almost all graduates quickly find the job they are looking for in business, knowledge institutes or universities. Some of them start up their own company or decide to carry out a doctoral research.

The first year starts with 15 elective courses that deepen or broaden your knowledge. You can find a description of the elective courses on the website. At the end of the first year the internship takes place by one of the participating research groups. The second year consists of the individual space and the graduation project. The individual space can be an extensive literature survey, additional elective courses, a combination of both or an individual or team project.

The Mechanical Engineering Master's program prepares you for a first professional position in an international environment. Moreover, it provides you with the capacity for further development during your life-long professional career. With a balanced combination of fundamental research and practical application, the department of Mechanical Engineering strives to turn its students into scientifically educated and application-driven engineers.

Mechanical Engineering Specializations

The Mechanical Engineering program allows you to choose from 5 specializations/tracks. These specializations represent the different research areas of the Mechanical Engineering department.  The first three options constitute a thematic breakdown of all the research groups within the Mechanical Engineering department. Automotive Engineering Science and Micro and Nano Technology are multidisciplinary graduation options in which various research groups of the first three options have joined forces.

Computational and Experimental Mechanics
The “Computational and Experimental Mechanics” track focuses on studying model systems rather than specific applications. The ultimate goal is to optimize existing production processes as well as to design new ones in order to manufacture products that better meet their requirements.

Dynamical System Design
The Dynamical System Design track deals with predicting and influencing motion or vibration in the operation of equipment and dynamic systems (machines, products and manufacturing systems).

Thermo Fluids Engineering
The Thermo Fluids Engineering track focuses on the design and optimization of gas and liquid fluid flows in installations and products, including solar panels, turbines, combustion chambers and heat exchangers.

Automotive Engineering Science
The Automotive Engineering Science track is about optimizing drive systems for vehicles. You will acquire in-depth working knowledge regarding electronic, mechanical and material aspects that play a role in the dynamics and control of vehicles.

Micro and Nanotechnology
Micro and Nanotechnology is a relatively new field of expertise that holds enormous challenges. Students of this track will learn about designing parts, products processes and systems at minimum scale. 

Mechanical Engineering Related Programs

Besides the MSc Mechanical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology offers a range of other Engineering related programs such as the Automotive Technology Master

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Mechanical Engineering Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the Master Mechanical Engineering will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top MSc degree at Eindhoven University of Technology.

See which scholarships you can apply for if you want to do the Mechanical Engineering MSc program.

About Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. Our education, research and knowledge valorization contribute to:

- science for society: solving the major societal issues and boosting prosperity and welfare by focusing on the Strategic Areas of Energy,  Health and Smart Mobility
- science for industry: the development of technological innovation in cooperation with industry
- science for science: progress in engineering sciences through excellence in key research cores and innovation in education

Excellent Education
We see it as our duty to train engineers to possess a sound scientific basis and scientific depth. They also have the necessary skills to successfully flourish in social sectors and functions.

More information about Eindhoven University of Technology

Admission requirements

Previous education

BSc in mechanical engineering.

Grade average

For admission a minimum of 75% CGPA. For entry to Talent Scholarship Program a minimum of 80% CGPA.

Written request

Letter of motivation

Language requirements

CPE: C1, IELTS overall band: 6.5, TOEFL internet based: 90

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