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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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24 months
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Netherlands Government
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University of Applied Sciences

Program description

The MBA program is structured around three business themes that focus on the three interrelated perspectives of Business, People and Technology and how they affect strategic decision-making. Every business theme consists of a core module and an elective module. In the first year, students are being prepared to view management issues from different perspectives by the three business themes. In the second year course members conduct individual research for writing their final thesis.

International Business Management & Strategies
The volatility of the international market makes it possible to expand existing markets, to reduce production costs to a minimum, to establish global brands or to benefit from increase of scale. Trading on an international scale is even more of a challenge because of the different cultures you will be facing, with their wide varieties of values and standards, tastes and preferences.

Management of Human Assets
This module gives the students more insight into the most precious asset of an enterprise: its human resources. First individual influences on behavior, such as perception and motivation, will be looked at. Then the influence of groups and leadership on both individual behavior and corporate culture will be dealt with in detail.

Management of Technology
Technological development is causing major economic changes for worldwide economies, companies and individuals. This module shows you the influence of the technological revolution on corporate, organizational structure and individual lifestyles. You learn to think about and anticipate technological developments that may affect the continuity and security of your organization.

Supporting modules
Critical Thinking and Argument Analysis In this module you learn to think critically about a discipline or topic, to view things from different angles and to recognize relations with other fields.

Research Methodology
In this module you learn to apply various research practices and suitable research methods, so you will be able to formulate clear and well-defined research questions and to do the research involved.

Advanced Statistics
In the module Advanced Statistics you learn to use statistical methods and to translate statistical data into useful information for the enterprise.

Final Thesis Project
The final thesis or graduation paper is the project in which several aspects of the MBA program are combined. Performing the research and writing the thesis should preferably take place in co-operation with the company in which your work. You defend your thesis in the presence of both lecturers and representatives of your own organization.

In the philosophy of the MBA, learning can only occur through the sharing of knowledge and practices. Sharing between course members, in the interaction with lecturers and staff and in exchange with the outside world, knowledge is the input for learning as materials to be studied and it is the output of negotiating meaning. The attention is given to the background, experience and development of individual course members. Combined with the development of analytical skills RBS MBA graduates will certainly meet all domain specific requirements. The program is geared towards competency-based learning, with the principal objectives of developing competencies needed in current managerial positions while anticipating current and future changes on the global market. Therefore the development of knowledge expertise and behavioral competencies are an integral part of the programs. The courses are taught from both strategic and operational perspectives, which increases the depth, breadth and practical use of current business topics, models and frameworks

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