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Master Media Design and Communication

Degree type
Master Design
Language of education
Dutch, English
24 months
Tuition fee EU/EEA
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Tuition fee Non EU/EEA
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Start of program
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Application deadline
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Netherlands Government
Type of institution
University of Applied Sciences

Program description

The Media Design and Communication master consists of 2 separate tracks: Networked Media and Lens-based

Networked Media
The Networked Media branch of the Media Design and Communication master has been internationally known as the new media study program at the Piet Zwart Institute.

Whether you are a graphic designer wanting to develop your digital media practice more thoroughly, an audio-visual artist interested in a more informed and self-made media practice, an architect interested in media as systems that impose social possibilities and constraints, a media activist wanting to develop both practical and theoretical tools of intervention, a computer and electronics experimenter wanting to sharpen her or his artistic concepts, a media artist/designer looking for research-oriented study in an international community of peers — this is what our program makes possible. We offer a Master program focused on a critical engagement with the culture of the Internet and computer media, their artistic design, technology and theory. It is a small course with a highly international community of students and teachers, and a strong emphasis on personal contact and collaboration.

Lens-based media share the lens as a central tool. Whether the lens is physically crafted out of glass and metal, or a digital lens crafted from code, its core function, effect, and conceptual significance, remain the same.

The convergence of previously distinct analogue imaging media into a single digital workflow has allowed new forms of analysis and practice: digital lens-based images are highly plastic, it is possible to re-shape them in radical new ways along the axes of both time and space.

The Lens-based track of the Media Design and Communication masters program will be a stimulating and supportive context for your development as an innovative creator of distinctive moving and still images.

Streaming media, gallery installations, mobile-phone movies, cross-media narratives combining feature film and game projects, DVDs, database film technologies, moving image billboards displays, site-specific projection projects: you will be encouraged to create work for a range of new forms and delivery platforms.

The course’s mixture of critical research, development of new technical approaches, and sustained project work is designed to give you the opportunity to develop the original portfolio of work you will need to succeed in today’s highly competitive media environments.

Admission requirements

Previous education

BA in a design discipline is useful. We also consider graduates of Cultural or Media Studies, Fine Art, Computer Science & other related fields.

Professional experience

The student may have gained experience and insight into digital media through working practice but this is not an official requirement.

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 6, IELTS listening: 6, IELTS reading: 6, IELTS writing: 6, IELTS speaking: 6, TOEFL paper based: 550, TOEFL computer based: 213, TOEFL internet based: 80

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Share your thoughts on
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Join the study in the Netherlands facebook community!

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