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International MSc in Business Administration

Degree type
Language of education
English (100%)
12 months
Tuition fee EU/EEA
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Type of institution
Institute for International Education
Utrecht, Tilburg, Amsterdam, Eindhoven

Program description

The International MSc in Business Administration is an intensive 12-month International Master program with specializations in either Financial Management or Marketing Management. Designed to achieve maximum growth in the minimum amount of time.

Offering broad managerial knowledge & specialist expertise in marketing or finance, our 1 year MSc is the best preparation for young professionals seeking international careers. The International MSc in Business Administration program offers ambitious bachelor graduates a fast-track into an international business career – an exceptional program that combines specialised knowledge in marketing or financial management with a broad business and management knowledge base.

Learn how to work in an international team, delve into intellectually challenging academic concepts, and then apply this knowledge to create innovative solutions to real problems. Acquire the professional and personal skills to lead, negotiate, delegate, and handle yourself with confidence – starting with that all-important first job.

Unlike a specialist masters, the International MSc in Business Administration program offers both an area of expertise, and broad business and management knowledge. You will be qualified to take on a specific role in a company, but with the added operational overview and leadership skills to perform beyond what is expected.

Dedicated professional and personal development is an important part of our International MSc in Business Administration , because success in international business depends on knowing how to manage yourself, and your relationships with others. Experienced coaches will give you the tools needed to grow and develop throughout your career, from knowing what motivates you, to establishing clear career goals.

Global business is all about effective teamwork. This is why you work in international teams throughout the program. You will learn and communicate in English, the language of international business, about issues with global relevance. And you will learn it all from international faculty, an experience that is invaluable both for your development and in the eyes of future employers.

Course Content
The program starts with Foundation Courses: Accounting and Finance; Business Economics; Research Methods; Marketing Management; Organisational Behaviour and Leadership; Managing Information Systems/ IT; Operations Management. Followed by the Advanced Courses to specialize in Financial Management or Marketing Management. Afterwards the integration stage and thesis.

Modes of Instruction
The program consist of: case studies, group assignments, workshops, group discussions, individual assignments, lectures, literature study, oral presentations, poster presentations, research projects, self study.

About TiasNimbas Business School

TiasNimbas, the business school of Tilburg University and Eindhoven University of Technology, offers a broad and flexible portfolio of internationally recognised management programmes. The motto of TiasNimbas is ‘Never Stop Asking’, and this is reflected in programmes that are rooted in leading management research, and designed to address the specific educational needs of individuals and organisations in the evolving world of business. 

TiasNimbas Wants to Give You the World.
This orientation towards excellence resulted in the Financial Times ranks TiasNimbas Business School 24 in Europe, while The Economist Intelligence Unit’s ‘Which MBA?’ has placed the Full-Time MBA programme in its worldwide top 100 rankings

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watch the video about International MSc in Business Administrationwatch the video about International MSc in Business Administration

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