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Hydroinformatics: modelling and information systems for water management

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19 months
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Netherlands Government
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Institute for International Education

Program description

This Hydroinformatics program will provide you with a good understanding of the fundamentals of hydraulic, hydrologic and environmental processes, advanced modelling and control techniques, decision support and information and communication technology.

Hydroinformatics is based on a holistic view of water infrastructure and management issues taking into consideration and integrating the aspects above, and creates the appropriate technological and institutional environments that contribute to social justice.

In general, Hydroinformatics concerns the integrated use of information and communication technologies, computer sciences, modelling and decision support systems in solving problems related to hydraulic, hydrological and environmental problems of urban, inland and coastal waters.

It provides the computer-based, decision-support systems that are revolutionising traditional planning, design and decision-making methodologies in river basin and flood management, urban water and environment.

Fluid Dynamics; Hydraulics and Hydrological Modelling; Urban and Environmental Processes; Data-Driven Modelling; Systems/Project Management; Systems Engineering and Design; Artificial Intelligence.

Aim fo this Hydroinformatics program is to train engineers and hydro-scientists to the use and development of modelling and communication technology tools for solving water engineering/management problems in urban and environmental contexts. You will be able to integrate hydroinformatics systems using the latest technologies and tools, and provide expert advice to managers in such areas as river basin and flood management, various aspects of urban water and aquatic environment that are especially important in the context of disaster management and climate change.

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Share your thoughts on
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