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Gender and Ethnicity (research)

Degree type
Master of Arts
Language of education
24 months
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Netherlands Government
Type of institution
Research University

Program description

The master's degree in Gender and Ethnicity (Research) is a continuation and extension of a bachelor's degree. This research master prepares you for a career as a scientific researcher. The training centres on the question concerning the social and historical meaning of sex and ethnicity. You study feminist theories and the representation of sex and ethnicity in literature and new media more closely.

Moreover, you study the history of colonial, postcolonial and multicultural societies. Which measures must to prevent discrimination against, for example, women and ethnic minorities? You also work on this issue. The Master's programme in Gender and Ethnicity – offered by one of Europe's most advanced interdisciplinary teaching and research programmes in women's studies – is aimed at students interested in women's studies with a focus on the effects of gender and ethnicity.

Attention will be given to epistemological, political and ethical aspects of theories about subjectivity and representation. Students will also acquire knowledge about the development of feminist theories, the history and current status of colonial, post-colonial and multicultural societies, and the representation of gender and ethnicity in literature, new media and new technologies. Utrecht University's Women's Studies programme boasts an extensive network of teaching and research exchange programmes as well as an impressive international profile.

The MA programme in Gender and Ethnicity works closely with academics and institutions both within and outside Europe and offers a challenging and stimulating academic environment as well as an internationally recognised Master's degree. This programme focuses on research and prepares students for postgraduate or PhD work in the field of women's studies.

About Utrecht University

Utrecht University is a top international university that holds a top 100 position in the international university rankings. It offers a broad range of high-quality Dutch- and English-taught programs and courses. The English curriculum consists of Bachelor's and Master’s degree programs, certificate courses, and Summer School courses. In addition, some of the world’s most talented students come to Utrecht University to do their PhD research.

Research has always played a fundamental role in Utrecht University’s degree programs. Course content is closely linked to top-class research. Students are taught in small groups by top researchers and lecturers, mostly experts in their field. Utrecht University is at the forefront of developments in interdisciplinary knowledge. Our research continues to have impact in fields ranging from biochemistry and biophysics to human rights and culture.

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