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Environmental Sciences

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21 months
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Institute for International Education

Program description

The Environmental Science program prepares professionals with the necessary tools for management positions in the profit and non profit sector.

Introduction to Environmental Science
The unsustainable management of natural resources hampers human development and exacerbates inequalities in wealth and welfare. Pollution, the depletion of natural resources and the disintegration of ecological functions are matters of local, regional and global concern. Economic development and rising living standards in the developing world contribute to the urgency of these important issues.

Environmental Science Program
The Environmental Science program equips professionals with the necessary capacities, by offering a systems approach, which investigates subsystems and their interactions at global, regional and local scale, without losing sight of the overall picture. The program balances a thorough knowledge of the disciplines taught and the added value of bringing these disciplines together in one coherent program. Students will learn to develop the capacities to conduct scientific and technical research on environmental issues. Moreover, they learn to analyze environmental systems and issues, make proposals for sustainable solutions for environmental issues and to contribute to the development of policy and strategy for environmental planning.

Environmental Science the program for you?
The program is intended for mid-career professionals with an interest in environmental sciences and in maintaining environmental integrity in relation to human development. Participants should have a BSc or equivalent degree in natural sciences, chemistry, environmental science, agriculture, geography, environmental economics or engineering, preferably combined with at least three years of working experience at, for example, a university, a multilateral agency, a government environmental agency (national or local), an NGO, a consultants office, or in industry.

Knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry is a prerequisite. Computer literacy is a valuable asset. Good conversational, reading and writing capabilities in the English language are essential in order to successfully complete the study.

The Environmental Science program allows participant to specialize in the following subjects:

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