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Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

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24 months
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Netherlands Government
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Research University

Program description

The Master's in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (CAI) focuses on the integration of two kinds of knowledge: knowledge of human intelligence and knowledge of machine intelligence.

The man/machine theme can go in two different directions: our primary focus can alternate between understanding human intelligence and constructing intelligent machines. If the primary focus is understanding human intelligence, then knowledge of machines becomes a modelling tool. We use machines to simulate human abilities, thereby learning things about those abilities. If, on the other hand, the primary focus is the construction of intelligent machines, then our knowledge of human capacities can be used as a heuristic guideline in developing the desired capabilities for such machines. The Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Master's programme achieves a balance between the two perspectives: both directions are omnipresent throughout the programme.

An additional essential component of our curriculum, which makes the Cognitive Artificial Intelligence programme unique among the Artificial Intelligence Master's programmes offered in the Netherlands, is the importance it attaches to philosophical reflection. Various philosophical courses in the curriculum study the man/machine theme from a foundational perspective.

About Utrecht University

Utrecht University is a top international university that holds a top  100 position in the international rankings. It offers a broad range of high-quality Dutch- and English-taught programs and courses. The English curriculum consists of Bachelor's and Master’s degree programs, certificate courses, and Summer School courses. In addition, some of the world’s most talented students come to Utrecht University to do their PhD research.

Research has always played a fundamental role in Utrecht University’s degree programs. Course content is closely linked to top-class research. Students are taught in small groups by top researchers and lecturers, mostly experts in their field. Utrecht University is at the forefront of developments in interdisciplinary knowledge. Our research continues to have impact in fields ranging from biochemistry and biophysics to human rights and culture.

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CAE: B1, CPE: C1, IELTS overall band: 6.5, IELTS writing: 6, TOEFL paper based: 580, TOEFL computer based: 237, TOEFL internet based: 93

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