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African Linguistics

Degree type
Language of education
12 months
Tuition fee EU/EEA
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Tuition fee Non EU/EEA
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Start of program
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Application deadline
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Netherlands Government
Type of institution
Research University

Program description

This 1-year programme offers the opportunity to work with renowned specialists in a wide range of African languages. You will choose a research area from many linguistic topics and language families.

The department, which is internationally known for the expertise of its teaching and research staff, is strong in the fields of phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, anthropological linguistics, historical linguistics and contact linguistics. The department works intensively with several African universities, which provides easy access to locally-held knowledge and personal and institutional contacts. You will be taught by specialists in a wide range of African language families such as those from the West-African coast, Bantu, Central Sudanic, Cushitic, Kordofanian, Omotic and Berber. Whenever possible, teaching will be in individual tutorials, enabling you to study the language families of your choice.

The primary objective of the MA in African Linguistics is to teach you to competently—and independently—carry out linguistic research in Africa while being aware of the cultural—and linguistic—context. You will be taught the research methods needed to produce work that is competent and relevant to other researchers and African linguistic scholars.

Admission requirements

Previous education

BA in African Languages and Cultures or an equivalent, or a Bachelor's in Linguistics or relevant certificates from other universities.

Knowledge minimum

See website www.mastersinleiden.nl for details.

Language requirements

IELTS overall band: 6.5, TOEFL paper based: 570, TOEFL computer based: 230, TOEFL internet based: 88

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Share your thoughts on
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