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Sustainable Innovation

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36 months
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Program description

In Sustainable Innovation you study innovations from a technological, economic and societal perspective, to enable society at large to consume and produce in a sustainable way.

Students of the Sustainable Innovation program are trained to use technology to solve societal issues, to strengthen welfare and well-being in the world. The study doesn't just look at the design of an electric car, for example, but at the design in combination with the required infrastructure (charging stations) as well as the development of the market, laws and regulations, and the broader effects on mobility patterns, urban planning and the climate. This kind of design process always involves multiple actors such as government, industry, groups within society, knowledge institutes and consumers.

Sustainable Innovation Curriculum

Sustainable Innovation is a combination of courses focusing on people and society with technological courses. For example: Sustainable Development in a global context, Economics of Innovation, Science, Technology and Society, Technical courses, Research methods, Bachelor Thesis.

Program Objectives
The Sustainable Innovation program is unique because of the combination of courses focusing on people and society with technological courses. You learn the language of technology, but also the role of economic, societal and legal arguments in decisions about sustainable innovations. 

Program Outline
case study, oral presentation, internship, computer exercise, research, research project, excursion, research proposal, tutorial, lecture, working group, group assignment, group discussion, poster presentation, individual assignment, self study, project.

Sustainable Innovation Related Programs

The Sustainable Innovation course is part of the BSc program in Innovation Sciences. The other course being offered in this framework is the Psychology and Technology program.

Eindhoven University of Technology offers a range of other English taught Bachelor programs such as the Electrical Engineering program.

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Sustainable Innovation Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the Bachelor Sustainable Innovation will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top BSc degree at Eindhoven University of Technology.

See which scholarships you can apply for if you want to do the Sustainable Innovation program.

About Eindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. Our education, research and knowledge valorization contribute to:

- science for society: solving the major societal issues and boosting prosperity and welfare by focusing on the Strategic Areas of Energy,  Health and Smart Mobility
- science for industry: the development of technological innovation in cooperation with industry
- science for science: progress in engineering sciences through excellence in key research cores and innovation in education

Excellent Education
We see it as our duty to train engineers to possess a sound scientific basis and scientific depth. They also have the necessary skills to successfully flourish in social sectors and functions.

More information about Eindhoven University of Technology

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