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International Financial Management and Control

Degree type
Bachelor of Economics
Language of education
English (100%)
48 months
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Type of institution
University of Applied Sciences
Den Haag

Program description

If you're ambitious, a real team player, love number crunching, and want to work in an international environment, International Financial Management and Control is just the program for you.

Today's 24/7 economy is subject to increasing international competition, and companies and organisations increasingly need to be in control and to maintain that control. They need tight budgeting, reliable forecasts, up-to-date insights into their turnover and costs, and better risk management. That's why good international business controllers are in demand, and play an important role. The International Financial Management and Control (IFMC) degree program responds to that demand, and will equip you to take on such a role.

The International Financial Management and Control program focuses on the following three disciplines: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Accounting Information Systems and Control. In other words, you will learn everything about bookkeeping, drawing up annual reports and setting up and structuring management information systems. You will also learn about drawing up and assessing business plans and setting up, structuring and monitoring an enterprise's administrative organisation. IT skills are therefore deeply integrated in the business economic subjects. You will be making intensive use of the SAP system.

Financial Accounting
Financial accounting teaches you to record financial data in a way that allows you to draw up an annual report in accordance with the correct standards. This is a skill that is crucially important if you are expected to provide financial advice to higher management and – given the current market conditions – it is more important than ever. New legislation even requires that you are adequately ‘in control’ in order to prevent financial abuses.

Management Accounting
Management accounting teaches you to steer an enterprise based on the enterprise’s figures. Say you wanted to make a business decision. What information do you need and how can you manage this information?

Accounting Information Systems and Control
The third subject area, Accounting Information Systems and Control, relates to the management of business processes and registration of data. Information systems play a crucial role.

International Financial Management and Control Career Prospects

As a controller or risk manager, you keep an accurate record of an organisation’s financial data, which enables you to adjust policy or have policy adjusted if necessary. You advise the company’s management and board of directors and you know exactly what adjustments need to be made in order to keep the organisation in a sound financial state. In brief, you monitor, analyse, guide and anticipate.

A Bachelor of Economics is a real door opener. As the International Financial Management and Control study program is taught in English, it will prepare you to work at international corporations both in the Netherlands and abroad. International companies, in particular, have the challenge of maintaining effective oversight of their activities throughout their entire organisations in the different countries in which they operate and taking the right action in time. Consequently, there is a strong demand for good controllers and risk managers who have an important role to play at international enterprises.

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International Financial Management and Control Scholarships

Students who would like to register for the International Business and Management Studies program will need to have sufficient funds for tuition and living expenses. Getting a scholarship could be the first step towards obtaining a top Business degree at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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The Hague University of Applied Sciences is offering a total of 54 scholarships to students who would like to start their bachelor program during the academic year 2013-2014. At  €5,000 each, the scholarships cover almost two-thirds of the total first year university’s tuition fee. For more information, go to the The Hague University Scholarship program.

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