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International Business Administration

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Program description

As an internationally oriented and English study program, International Business Administration in Nijmegen focusses on Dutch and foreign studetns in the bachelor phase that would like to have a broad orientation. 

The emphasis in this program is on the impact of social processes in organizations on their performance, besides that there is an emphasis on international management, organizational culture and communicative processes. Next to the regular research method, there is special attention for research methods oriented on problem solving.

You will learn to analyse the complexity and dynamics of organizations and their environment. The emphasis is on research skills and socio-economic aspects of Business Administration.

Introduction to International Business Administration

Nowadays, companies and non-profit organizations all over the world are experiencing a growing demand for a new kind of employees. Employees who are able to view organizations not only as a whole organization, but who can also see them from an international perspective. If you are aspiring to an internationally-oriented career, then in the future you will have to be well-versed in international business administration and know about international management, organization cultures and communication processes in organizations. After all, in these times of globalization and increasing diversity in organizations, cross-cultural communication is only gaining in importance.

International Business Administration Curriculum

The first year provides a broad introduction to the field of economics. It contains courses like Introduction to Business Administration, Academic Skills, and Statistics. The second and third year will allow you to deepen your knowledge, through courses like Human Resource Management, Economics, Culture and Communication, Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Design and Intervention Methodology. During the first semester of the third year, you will study at a partner university outside the Netherlands.

Program Objectives
The objective of the program is to acquire knowledge, skill and understanding in the field of (international) business administration. Furthermore the program prepares for further study with the right of admission to the Master's program in Business Administration of the Nijmegen School of Management and similar Master's programs elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Instruction Modes
Case study, integration module, practicum, internship, project, computer exercise, self evaluation, lecture, self study, design project, literature study, seminar, research, tutorial, research project, research proposal, working group, group assignment, oral presentation, workshop, group discussion, portfolio, individual assignment, poster presentation.

Alongside you regular lectures, teaching also takes place in small 'tutorial' groups of about 20 students. You will participate in discussions and ask questions, which enables you to prepare thoroughly for interim examinations.
There is also Blackboard, a digital learning environment through which enables you, among other things, to communicate directly with your tutors and fellow students. Blackboard can be accessed from any computer, so you can even use it while studying at home.

Why Study International Business Administration?

While other business administration programs focus on economics or technology, the Nijmegen business administration program focuses on studying social processes in organizations. The accent is on how social processes affect the behavior in and of organizations, and how they impact the performance and the realization of organizational goals. This English-taught specialization emphasizes international management, organization culture and communicative processes.

About Radboud University Nijmegen

Radboud University Nijmegen is one of the best performing Dutch universities in the international university rankings. It currently holds 127th place in the Times Higher Education ranking and is ranked 136th in the QS ranking.

Radboud University Nijmegen has seven faculties and enrols over 17,500 students. Its personal style of teaching ensures that there is plenty of opportunity to work closely with instructors and fellow students in small seminars.

One of the main strengths of education and research at Radboud University Nijmegen is the way it forges cooperative links across disciplinary boundaries and the continuous exchange of ideas with others working in related areas.

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