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Architecture, Building and Planning

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Dutch (100%)
36 months
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Program description

The bachelor's degree in Architecture, Building and Planning deals with desinging buildings and the 'built environment', varying from residential buildings to city regions.

To be able to make complex designs you will closely study, among other things, applied mechanical engineering, mathematics, construction physics, construction and architectural history. After this training you can enter the labour market or you can opt for a master's degree.

In the Architecture, Building and Planning you learn how to deal with all aspects involved in constructing a building;  design, technique, strength and cost of a building, but also the logical design of a residential area.

Through lectures, instructions and design projects you will get an insight into the various engineering disciplines. You will develop analyzing, designing, collaborating and presenting skills. At the end of the first year you will have to choose a major, combining 2 disciplines. Majors include:

Architecture and Engineering
In the Architecture and Planning major you will learn to make designs with attention to both the architectural and  technical aspects of a building.

Engineering and Management
In the Engineering and Management major you will focus on the feasibility of building projects. 

Management and Planning Organization
In the Management and Planning Organization major, you will learn how to tackle the political issues that arise during the development and restructuring in the built environment.

Architecture, Building and Planning Curriculum

Year 1
The first year of the Architecture, Building and Planning program you attend courses and do assignments on various architectural disciplines. You will also learn about the professional practice. You will also take a number of mathematics and physics courses. These are very different than the the courses you took during you pre-universities studies (at VWO level). Finally, you will do material studies and learn how to cope with construction problems.

Year 2
The second year of the Architecture, Building and Planning program consists of lectures and case studies. In the second year you will also specialize in one of the four profiles. These profiles are designed to prepare students for specific careers in the engineering, building and architecture sector. Each profile consists of a mandatory part and a part that you configure yourself from electives.

Year 3
The third year of the Architecture, Building and Planning program consists of following your undergraduate minor. You will also do your final bachelor project.

Admission requirements

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