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Animal Husbandry

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48 months
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University of Applied Sciences

Program description

The Animal Husbandry program prepares students to become life stock management specialists.

Animal Husbandry deals with the commercial husbandry of livestock, domestic animals, sports and recreational animals. You deal with the care, feeding, housing and health of animals. Also subjects like nature, the environment and landscape, new technologies, operational management, marketing, communication and finance are discussed. You also study the development and supply of feedstuff and the sale and processing of products.

Why study Animal Husbandry?
The animal sector is highly dynamic. In the Netherlands alone, 415,000 people ride horses. Some 70,000 companies are involved with horses, their turnover totalling EUR 1.3 bn. Things are also changing fast with regard to farmed animals. While the number of dairy farmers is falling, farm production is rising rapidly.

For the expertise and skills that bring success in this exciting world, look no further than Van Hall Larenstein. It provides placements where you will gain practical experience in industry or a trading house, at a processor or transporters. Support subjects will add depth, ensuring you develop the social and communication skills that round off your performance as a professional. None of this would be possible if the fullest attention were not paid to the care, health and welfare of animals. Together with business management, marketing and innovation, these lie at the heart of this degree program.

As an entrepreneur, service provider or consultant, you will be involved in all such changes - though you will need expertise in several domains: breeding, trade, horsemanship, animal behaviour, sport, and welfare. By then, however, you will have an excellent understanding of animal and business management, of the various business types involved in the livestock and dairy industries, and of the many suppliers they depend on.

Program Content
The Animal Husbandry program has 3 majors:
Applied Animal Science: This major is your gateway to the world of scientific animal research.
Equine Business and Economics: Offers a wide range of business topics. And in order to relate to customers, there is also a solid link to equine science.
Equine, Leisure and Sports: Although the emphasis is on the horse and its performance, the study offers a balance between equine science and business.

Career Prospects for Animal Husbandry
The sector needs well-trained specialists like you! Upon graduation, you will qualify for a wide range of jobs - as an entrepreneur or business manager, as a business advisor, or as a supplier. You will also qualify for a job in banking or insurance, or as an organiser of sporting events. You could become a manager, project manager or strategic policy assistant. Or how about a job with the British Horse Society? Because this internationally focused degree programme has been shown to open doors worldwide!

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