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Safety & Security Management Studies Student Rating

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

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Student reviews

Tim Kattestaart

Tim Kattestaart

Course Title:Safety and Security Management Studies
Name:Tim Kattestaart

Safety is dynamic. What I mean by this is that different countries and cultures view safety from a different perspective. It is up to Safety & Security Managers to use their expertise in developing policy applicable in various contexts. In my future career I would like to operate in an international environment and create a society where safety is a guarantee!

Eveline Marasoiu

Eveline Marasoiu

Course Title:Safety and Security Management Studies
Name:Eveline Marasoiu

Just weeks into the new Safety and Security Management Studies program, a young lady from Romania expects to reap its benefits later when she pursues her chosen career of making our world a safer place to live in.

With her recently attained high-school diploma and an ambition to forge out a career for herself in the European Council or with a national security service, Eveline Marasoiu (18) left her native Romania in September 2010 for The Hague, where she has just started the Safety and Security Management Studies (SSMS) program at The Hague University.

Feeling safe, Eveline reasons, is a basic human necessity. “If you don’t feel safe you cannot do anything. In today’s society our security is constantly under threat and we are always on some form of alert for possible terrorist attacks, for example. If nobody does anything the world will become an increasingly unsafe place. And if somebody has to do something about it then why not me?”

Eveline decided to come to The Hague University (THU) because it was the only university she could find that offered such a program. “But even if it was offered elsewhere I would still have chosen THU because it’s located in The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice. Its pronounced international character, the fact it’s the venue for several international institutions, like the European Court of Justice, make The Hague an excellent environment to study SSMS.”

Although she is enjoying the programme so far, Eveline acknowledges that it is still undergoing development and fine-tuning. But she finds it challenging because it asks a lot of her creativity. “This is a relatively young profession so we are expected to come up with new ideas. Sustainability and justification are important aspects of any security plan that we draw up and we always have to consider what’s known as the Triple P: People; Planet; and Profit.”


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