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International and European Law Student Rating

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

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English (100%)
48 months
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University of Applied Sciences
Den Haag

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Student reviews

Katarina Otcenasova

Katarina Otcenasova

Course Title:International and European Law
Name:Katarina Otcenasova

I’m getting an excellent grounding into the general aspects of law. I’m also acquiring an insight into the different types of law, and not just the ones I want to specialise in later. I really enjoy the written assignments too. I suppose it’s not for nothing that The Hague University calls itself a ‘University of Applied Sciences’. We don’t just learn things, we get plenty of opportunities to apply what we’ve learned too.

Jolana Makraiová

Jolana Makraiová

Course Title:International and European Law
Name:Jolana Makraiová

Internship an “amazing opportunity to get practical experience”

A Slovakian law student is broadening her international law experience with an internship at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
In September 2011 Jolana Makraiová (22) embarked on the fourth and final year of The Hague University’s International and European Law program. When she was growing up in Slovakia she always wanted to study law. In 2007 she saw in a fair in Bratislava that THU was offering an international, European law programme; it really appealed to her so she applied. Four years later she has no regrets. “I wouldn’t change programmes for anything,” she says. “I enjoy everything about it. The international aspect makes it so broad and I like being able to specialise, as I now am, in international criminal and humanitarian law. I like The Hague too and The Hague University of Applied Sciences itself.”


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