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Universities in the Netherlands

Universities in the Netherlands stand for quality of education and research

Universities in the Netherlands

There are over 100 universities in the Netherlands that can be divided in 3 categories: Research Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Institutes for International Education. All universities in the Netherlands are accredited by the Dutch Government and offer degree programs that are independently assessed and quality checked.  Virtually all cities in the Netherlands are host to at least 1 university. 

Research Universities in the Netherlands

There are 14 Research Universities in the Netherlands.  Most of these institutes have a comprehensive portfolio of study programs and do research in all scientific areas. Three universities are specialized in Engineering and Technology.

Read more about the types of Research Universities in the Netherlands.

Research Universities offer fully accredited Bachelor (BA, BSc, LLB), Master (MA, MSc. LLM, MBA) and PhD programs. These degrees are generally acknowledged by all universities and governments around the world.

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You can find Research Universities in the following cities in the Netherlands

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Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands

The number of Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands exceeds 100.  These universities offer top quality accredited study programs that are tuned to the needs of the business world. Institutions often have close cooperations with the private and public sector. Students will do one or several internships during the course of their study program. 

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You can find Universities of Applied Sciences in the following major cities in the Netherlands:

For an overview of all university cities in the Netherlands, please refer to our City Information page
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Institutes for International Education in the Netherlands

Institutes for International education form a category of their own. Although they offer officially accredited study programs, they are not part of the regular university structure. The very first institute was established in the 1950’s and offered development related programs that solely attracted international students. 

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Nowadays there are 8 Institutes for International Education. They are located in the following cities:

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