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Short Courses

Study at top ranked universities in the Netherlands

Short Courses in the Netherlands

Universities from the Netherlands offer short courses in a wide range of disciplines. No matter what subject area there are plenty of short courses on offer at Research Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Institutes for International Education. Short courses are a great way to enhance your skills and knowledge in a limited period of time. Short courses often take a couple of weeks to complete are characterized by a compact curriculum, intensive training and expert guidance by academic staff and professionals from the field.

Short Courses by Field of Study

Short courses are being offered in the following fields of study: For more information about the different fields of study and disciplines, please refer to our Course Guide

Short Courses Offered by Universities in the Netherlands

Short courses are offered by Research UniversitiesUniversities of Applied Sciences and Institutes for Institutes for International Education. There are close to 300 short courses on offer in the Netherlands in fields such as Economics and Management, Environmental Sciences and Social Sciences. Most short courses take around 5-10 weeks to complete and consist of a limited number of ECTS credits. Most courses are designed to help you acquire and further update essential skills and knowledge for your professional development. Some courses result in an official qualification, but most will lead to a certificate.

What is the Added Value of Doing a Short Course?

Although short courses do not earn you an official title, they can have a great positive impact on your personal and professional development. Short courses can easily be combined with a job which make short courses especially interesting for professionals. Besides getting new insights, short course participant will also get to meet colleagues from your own field of work. This makes participation in short courses a great way of improving your professional network. Short course class mates will prove valuable contacts in industry and science.

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