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PhD Degree Programs

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PhD Degree Programs in the Netherlands

PhD degree programs, or doctoral degree programs, can be followed after completion of a master or research master degree program. A PhD program will take 4 years to complete and is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in the Netherlands. Admission to PhD degree programs is very selective. In most cases you will need to submit a research proposal. PhD degree programs will lead to an official PhD or doctoral diploma. PhD degree programs come in 2 forms: programs that consist of course work and research assignments, and programs that consist of research and teaching assignments.

PhD Degree Programs by Field of Study

PhD degree programs are being offered by Netherlands universities in the following fields of study: For more information about the different fields of study and disciplines, please refer to our Course Guide.

PhD Degree Programs by Course Work and Research Assignments

PhD degree programs that consist of course work and research assignments are roughly comparable to the PhD programs offered by Anglo-Saxon universities. The program consists of a set number of courses and research assignments that you will need to complete. To complete the PhD program you will need to write a dissertation. Some universities will a charge tuition fee for a PhD degree program.

In order to be admitted to a PhD degree program you will need to submit a draft research proposal and a curriculum vitae.

PhD Degree Programs by Research and Teaching Assignments

PhD degree programs by research and teaching assignments are basically academic jobs. Students for these programs are considered employees and will be given a monthly salary or bursary. Universities will promote these PhD degree programs on their website and on www.academictransfer.nl. To complete the PhD program you will need to write an academic dissertation.

Admission to this type of PhD degree program is comparable to a regular job application procedure. You will be asked to submit a draft research proposal and a curriculum vitae.

View all PhD Degree programs by Research and Teaching Assignments

Admission to PhD Degree Programs

For admission to PhD degree programs you will be asked to submit the following documents: In some cases you will need letters of recommendation from your current professors.

You will find the admission requirements for all PhD degree programs in the program description on educationfair.nl. You are advised to contact the university for detailed information on admission to the PhD degree programs of your choice.

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