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Master Admission

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Master Admission

The main requirement for admission to any master program is having the right bachelor diploma. International students must have a bachelor diploma that is considered equivalent to a bachelor diploma from the Netherlands. Most institutions will have additional admission requirements such as a minimum score on a mandatory English language or GMAT test. For some programs you need to have work experience.

Bachelor Diploma Equivalence table

The Following diplomas are roughly equivalent to bachelor diplomas awarded by research universities in the Netherlands. A bachelor diploma in a relevant field generally gives access to most master programs. Please note that universities may have additional admission requirements on top of the diploma requirements. You should also note that there is a difference between bachelor diplomas from Research Universities and those offered by Universities of Applied Sciences. You are advised to contact the university for more information about master admission requirements.

The Diploma Equivalence Table below is intended to give you a general idea about the translation of your bachelor diploma to Dutch standards. 

International Bachelor Diplomas Equivalence table

Country   International Bachelor Diplomas
Austria Diplom/Bachelor
Belgium Bachelor
Brazil Bacharelado/Licenciatura
Bulgaria Bakalavr
Canada Bachelor, Baccalaureat
China Bachelor Diploma
Denmark Candidatus or Bachelor degree
Estonia Bakalaureusekraad, or Bachelor degree
Finland Kandidaati/Kandidat (4 years)
France Diplome d'etudes universitaires generals + licence
Germany Bachelor
Greece Ptychio
Hungary Alapkepzes, or Bachelor degree
Iceland Kandidatsprof
India Honours Bachelor
Indonesia Sarjana I
Ireland Bachelor
Israel Bachelor
Italy Laurea, Bachelor
Korea Bachelor
Latvia Bakalaurs (4 year program)
Liechtenstein Bachelor
Lithuania Bakalauras
Luxemburg Licence, Bachelor
Malta Bachelor degree (Honours)
Mexico Bacharel/Licenciado (4 year program)
New Zealand Bachelor degree (4 year program or Honours)
Norway Bachelor
Poland Licenjat (4 year program)
Portugal Licenciado/Licenciatura (4 year program)
Romania Diploma de Licenta, Bachelor
Russia Bakalavr
Slovakia Vysvedcenie o Maturitnej Skuske from a Gymnazium
Slovenia Diplomirani (4 year program)
Spain Licenciado (4-5 year program)
Sweden Kandidatexamen
Switzerland Lizentiat, Licence, Diplom in Engineering, Bachelor degree (4 year program)
Scotland Bachelor
Taiwan Bachelor
Thailand Bachelor
Turkey Lisans Diplomas, Licentiate Diploma, Bachelor degree
UK Bachelor
USA Bachelor
Vietnam Bang Tot Nghieb Dai Hoc/ Bang Tot Nghiep Cu Nhan

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