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Study abroad in the Netherlands


A limited number of universities in the Netherlands offer campus accommodation. Most (international) students live off-campus, in a student house. In this type of accommodation facilities are usually shared with a number of other (international) students. Most universities in the Netherland offer support in finding accommodation.

Accommodation Types and Prices

Accommodation in the Netherlands can be more expensive than what you are used to, especially in big cities like Amsterdam. The average price for student accommodation ranges between 350 and 550 Euros per month. This usually includes utilities such as gas, water and electricity. There are various types of accommodation. International students usually decide to live in a student house. Most student houses have shared facilities like shower, lavatory and kitchen. In this type of accommodation you will often find a community living room.

How to Find Accommodation?

Affordable accommodation is not always that easy to find. Most universities work closely with housing agencies. Accommodation is mostly rented out on a first come first serve basis though. This means that the cheaper options are often rented out early. Not to worry. You can always look for accommodation yourself. The websites mentioned below should help you on your way. Do try to secure accommodation prior to your departure to the Netherlands. Here is a list of private housing agencies operating throughout the Netherlands:


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