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Master Education Fair Warsaw Poland

Master Education Fair Warsaw Poland - Event Details

The Master Education Fair in Warsaw (Poland) 2018 is part of the Master tour through the EU with stops in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Holland, Belgium and Spain. For a number of years, this Tour has been one of the most comprehensive study abroad exhibition on master studies within Western-Europe. This edition of the Master Education Fair is expected to draw 80 European and international universities to Warsaw.

+ Master Education Fair Warsaw Poland - Event Description

The Master Education Fair in Warsaw 2018 is aimed at master students, graduates and young professionals looking for a suitable master, MBA. LLM or postgraduate course. Exhibiting at the event will allow universities to meet talented and well-targeted Polish students who are looking for studies abroad.

This Master recruitment fair gives prospective graduate students the opportunity to get in touch directly with domestic and foreign universities. Visitors register online prior to the fair given the option to make appointments with specific universities as well as to sign up for presentations.

The fair provides the opportunity for prospective postgraduate students to meet and interact with domestic and international renowned universities. It generates authentic & demand-based information via face-toface communication. Visitors register online, ahead of the fairs and are able to make appointments with specific universities. Visitors can also sign up for presentations held by exhibitors and experts in the higher education field. The presentations offer an ideal chance to inform about your institution and postgraduate programs.

Presentations held by exhibitors and experts from the field of higher education give visitors the chance to inform themselves about topics like graduate programmes, studying abroad, university rankings, etc. The exhibition is accompanied by a exhibition program in which academic and expert presentations are delivered on topics such as master degrees abroad, application, funding, starting salaries and much more.

This is your chance to recruit Polish students to your master and postgraduate programs. Registration for the Master Education Fair in Warsaw - Poland 2018 is now open.

+ Master Education Fair Warsaw Poland - Visitor Info

Post show 2018 statistics
82% of all visitors are aged between 22 and 25

Booths visited
Visitors visit an average of 6 booths at the fair

Duration of stay at the fair
69% of all visitors have stayed at the fair for more than 2 hours

Study abroad
82% of all visitors are actively planning to study abroad.

Fields/Studies of Interest
Agriculture & Forestry - 7.1%
Business & Economics - 48%
Education - 6.2%
Engineering - 22.4%
Fine Arts & Music - 15%
Humanities - 19%
Information Technology & Telecommunications - 13%
Laws - 9%
MBA - 19%
Media & Communication - 26%
Medicine & Health Sciences - 12%
Science & Mathematics - 12%
Social Sciences - 19%

+ Master Education Fair Warsaw Poland - Participants

The following universities took part in the 2018 edition of the Warsaw Education Fair:

College of Europe
Niemiecka Centrala Wymiany Akademickiej

KU Leuven
University of Antwerp

HKUST Business School

Technical University of Denmark

ESMT Berlin Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences, University of Cologne
International School of Management (ISM)
Saarland University
Schiller International University
Study in Baden-Württemberg
Technische Universität Dresden
Universität Paderborn


Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

ESERP Business School

Stockholm School of Economics

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland (member of SEG Swiss Education Group)
Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (member of SEG Swiss Education Group)
HIM Hotel Institute Montreux (member of SEG Swiss Education Group)
IHTTI School of Hotel Management (member of SEG Swiss Education Group)
SEG Swiss Education Group
SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School (member of SEG Swiss Education Group)

London Business School
London College of Contemporary Arts
London South Bank University
University of Edinburgh

+ Master Education Fair Warsaw Poland - Testimonials

Kasia, student of Dietetics, Medical University of Warsaw
"I would definitely recommend this master fair to other students, especially to those who are still undecided about their future Masters programme. This event helped me with my decision to apply for a Masters programme. I attended two lectures in the conference programme, which were meticulously prepared and I got a lot of important information."

Aleksandra, Economics, UKW
"I am baffled by proficiency and the way of organizing the fair! I am very glad that this kind of event takes place and I am sure I will apply for a Masters programme which was presented at the fair! The personal fair magazine was very helpful in organising my fair visit and meeting the exhibitors."

Zofia, medical biotechnology, Medical University of Lodz
"When we are searching for information on the Internet on our own, we are not able to find every relevant information. That is why it is a good idea to come to this fair and take advantage of the fact that many universities are in the same place at the same time. Making an appointment with university representatives is a very good opportunity to ask all questions."

Izabela, student of Applied Linguistic, Poznan
"The lectures were very interesting with young people who know what they talk about. I met lots of universities, I got many info materials, which now has to be checked. I was also using the personal fair magazine, which turned out to be very helpful in planning my visit. Visiting the Masters Study Fair helps to be more open to the world and new possibilities; it also gives you energy and motivation to get into action!"

+ Master Education Fair Warsaw Poland - Exhibitor Info

100% of all visitors are interested in doing a masters program in the next 12 months. More than 70% of visitors register online prior to the fair in order to plan their fair visit. At the point of online registration the visitors start to plan the fair visit and decide which universities they want to talk to and which seminars they want to attend. That way, a high quality of fair visitors is guaranteed.  

Polish Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2018)
In 2018 a total number of 23,044 Polish students were studying abroad. The are the most popular destination countries for  students from Poland:

Germany - 5,772
UK - 5,232
France - 1,820
USA - 1,513
Italy - 1,395
Austria - 1,152
Denmark - 1,094
Netherlands - 1,016
Spain -  576
Czech - 382

Warsaw Student City
The city of Warsaw and surrounding areas is home to around 183.000 students. 55% of all Polish students indicate that they are seriously considering studying abroad.

The Polish capital Warsaw has the biggest student population in Poland and is one of the largest student cities in Europe
• During the academic year 2012/2013, almost 250,000 students studied in Warsaw (15.2% of all Polish students)
• Warsaw has plenty of students hot spots - perfect locations for efficient fair promotion
• The fair venue – Palace of Culture and Science – is Warsaw’s landmark and the most popular building in Poland

Higher Education in Poland

There are several different kinds of higher education institutions in Poland:
• Uniwersytety (universities)
• Politechniki (technical universities)
• Akademie Rolnicze (agricultural HEIs)
• Akademie Ekonomiczne (HEIs for Economics)
• Wyzsze Szkoly Pedagogiczne (pedagogical HEIs)
• Akademie Medyczne (medi cal academies)
• Akademie Teologiczne (HEIs for Theology)
• Szkoly Morskie (nautical schools)
• Akademie Wychowania Fizycznego (Academies of Physical Education)
• Akademie Muzyczne, Sztuk Pieknych, Teatralne I Filmowe (music, art, theatre and film academies)
• Panstwowe Wyzsze Szkoly Zawodowe (Schools of higher vocational education)
• Szkoly Wojskowe (military schools)

The Polish bachelor diploma is called Licenjat. A master is called Magister.

Things to do in Warsaw
Let us take you around the birthplace of Chopin – a city with rich history, picturesque architecture, green parks and unique cuisine.

The Royal Łazienki Museum – experience the stunning interplay between magnificent architecture and breath-taking nature, occupying an area of nearly 80 hectares. The palace and garden complex will fascinate you and transcend you into a different era.

The Old Town – a must-see in Warsaw. Famously re-built after WWII and granted status as a UNESCO World Heritage, this cultural hotspot tells ancient history amongst galleries, cafés and restaurants. TIP - don’t miss out on visiting St. Anne’s church, often not included in tourist guides. It has an incredible interior and a viewing terrace, revealing the most beautiful face of Warsaw.

At Teatr Roma you can enjoy the famous British musical show Mamma Mia! from 19:00h. If you’re interested in art you can visit the exhibition Polish Painting from 1764 to 1914 at the Warsaw National Museum, exhibiting about 430 paintings following the trends in Polish painting. Museum lovers can also visit the

Master Education Fair Warsaw Poland - Registration

If you would like a price quote for this event or if you would like detailed information, please fill out the registration form below. Submitting this form is obligation free!

Contact info

Institution name:
Institution web address:
City Zipcode:
Contact name:
Contact email:

Booth and exhibitor options

Standard booth - 2150 EUR

Your registration is for (max) 2 people

Your registration includes
• 2 tables and stools
• Roll-up banners
• Waste-paper bin
• Power supply
• Wi-Fi
• Entry in the exhibitor index (online/offline)
• A basic institution profile on event website
• Catering for two persons (lunch and free drinks throughout the whole day)


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