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International Student Fair Santiago Chile

International Student Fair Santiago Chile - Event Details

The International Student Fair Santiago Chile 2020 is the leading higher education fair in Chile! Last year's event was visited by well over 6,600 students interested in studying abroad. This education fair targets an audience of bachelor, master and graduate study seekers. The event is being organized is cooperation with some of the leading international study organizationsn and the country's leading scholarship organization. A well targeted media campaign ensures that this event is visited by top quality students from Santiago's finest high schools, universities, colleges and business schools.

+ International Student Fair Santiago Chile - Event Description

Chile is the only South American OECD member and is recognised as the strongest performing economy in the region. The country has the highest human development index and GDP per capita in Latin America. To fuel outbound student mobility and increase interest in postgraduate studies abroad, the Chilean government continues to fund their popular Becas Chile scholarship program. 

The International Student Fair Santiago Chile is part of the Latin American Education Fair Tour which takes place in every major student market in Latin America and consistently attracts students that have both the financial and academic ability to study abroad. Key government and private scholarship agencies (BECAS Chile) support the fairs. BECAS Chile is the Chilean government's main scholarship program.

Besides information on study possibilities abroad, students will find information on flights, visas, accommodation type, health insurance, foreign exchange, student ID and also seminars or lectures on how to have a successful international experience. International universities may look forward to meeting up to 6,000 carefully targeted Chilean students at the Internatonal Student Fair in Santiago.

Prospective students will be able to meet with a large number of the world's most prestigious international universities from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. Admissions officers you will gladly discuss study options and study abroad essentials with you. At the event, visitors can also take part in seminars, which run throughout the day and are given by institutions, associations and government representatives working in the areas of education and visas.

+ International Student Fair Santiago Chile - Visitor Info

Visitor Statistics of the previous (2019) event
Santiago: 5,500

When students plan to study abroad
within 3 months: 5%
3 - 6 months: 19%
in 6 months to 1 year: 42%
in 1 year or more:  34%

Courses of interest
Masters: 82%
Certificate/diploma courses: 24%
Language courses: 22%
MBA programs: 17%
Executive programs: 12%
PhD: 3%

Where do students want to study?
USA: 46%
UK: 36%
Canada: 31%
Germany: 29%
Australia: 28%
Spain: 26%
France: 25%
Italy: 15%
New Zealand: 14%
Holland: 13%
Scandinavia: 12%
Swiss: 7%

+ International Student Fair Santiago Chile - Exhibitor Info

Chile education facts
1.1 million students in Higher Education - 47% enrolled in universities
74% of high school graduates enrol in tertiary education
160 higher education institutions of which are 60 universities
2% of population and 4% of the labour force is bilingual
Annual fees for Chilean high/secondary schools up to US$9,000

Latest Chilean Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
In 2018 a total number of 15,982 Chilean students were studying abroad for a degree in higher education. The most popular study abroad destinations among students from Chile are:

Argentina - 6,282
USA - 2,276
Spain - 1,681
Australia - 865
UK - 858
Germany - 770
France - 766
Brazil - 521
Cuba - 299
Canada - 258
Italy - 253
Ecuador - 148
Swiss - 122
Belgium - 96

Chile General Market Info
Over 40% of Chile’s estimated population of 17 million lives in the Greater Santiago Area.
The country has one of the strongest economies in Latin America and a high level of foreign trade.
GDP grew 5.1% in 2010 & 6.5% in 2011 – achieved despite immense damage caused by the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck in February 2010.
Chile holds the highest GDP per capita within Latin American countries.
39.5 %of the Chilean population is under 25 years old (source INE) and 31% of the Chilean population is under 19 (source INE). The literacy rate – the percentage of people age 15 or over who can read and write – is 97.1%. Chile was the first South American country to become a member of the OECD.
Chile is the third-largest source of international students from Latin America for Australia (after Brazil and Colombia).

International Student Fair Santiago Chile - Registration

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