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International Education Fair Vietnam

International Education Fair Vietnam - Event Details

The International Education Fair Vietnam 2020 takes you to the 2 biggest student cities: Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. This recruiment tour thru Vietnam includes traditional education fairs and mini fairs at top international high schools. This event grants you access to one of the most interesting markets for student recruitment in South-East Asia. The demand for education abroad in Vietnam continues to rise due to a vibrant economy and rising family incomes. 

+ International Education Fair Vietnam - Event Description

The International Education Fair in Vietnam brings you face to face with thousands of students who are actively looking for study abroad opportunities. 

This event is being supported and and organized in partnership with the state-owned education agency 'Centre for International Education Consultancy' (part of the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training). Cities and events can be booked separately. You can also book the entire tour. Please see the registration section for details

Traditional education fairs
The education fairs in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi have a classic exhibitor booth set up and bring you into contact with thousands of graduating students who are looking for international traineeships, bachelor, master, LLM, MBA and graduate studies abroad. The timing of the International Education Fair in Vietnam is in line with the country's educational agenda. 

High school fairs
The high school visits program has been designed for institutions exclusively looking to recruit students for their international college and bachelor/undergrad programs abroad. You will be visiting the leading private and international schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. These exclusive schools have been carefully selected for their quality curriculum and their enthusiasm to proactively prepare their students for studying abroad.

Role of parents in the decision-making
While both parents and students are involved in the decision-making process, parents – as providers of financial support - tend be more influential in the choice of country; students, however, are more influential in the choice of institution and subject. Successful recruitment in Vietnam is about convincing parents. In our marketing campaigns, we target parents extensively. 

Student recruitment in Vietnam
Recruiting students from Vietnam has taken a flight over the past few years. With a population of 95 million, about 60% of which is below the age of 35, Vietnam represents the top marketplace for student recruitment for overseas High Schools, International Learning Institutions, Language Schools, Technical Schools, Colleges, and Universities.

Due to the stability of Vietnam’s economic and political system the number of Vietnamese students going abroad to study increased by about 30% since 2012. According to the latest UNESCO study abroad data, a total number of 94,662 students are currently studying abroad for a tertiary degree. Although the US and Australia are market leaders, countries in Europe and Asia have been gaining ground as a result of increased recruitment acitivities in Vietnam.

Get the latest information about the Vietnamese education market by downloading the Vietnam Study Abroad Market Update 2020

+ International Education Fair Vietnam - Event Program

Event itinerary

Ho Chi Minh
23 & 24 October 2020 - Student and High School Fairs

25 October Hanoi student fair

Traditional Education Fairs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh
Besides information on study possibilities abroad, students will find information on flights, visas, accommodation type, health insurance, foreign exchange, student ID and also seminars or lectures on how to have a successful international experience. International universities may look forward to meeting carefully targeted Vietnamese students at this Internatonal Student Fair.

Attend university presentations, find out all the information about different education systems and the latest enrollment information

Costs and Scholarships
Got your study expenses covered? You may be eligible for scholsrships, stipends or other forms of study allowances. Talk to the experts.

You will need a place to stay. But how to secure a place to live. Talk to people who know the local situation in your coutry of interest.

Visa information
Get the latest information on travel documents, visas etc.

Meet up with university admission specialists. Get a provisional letter of admission!

Talk to travel and education specialists. If you go abroad....better be prepared!

+ International Education Fair Vietnam - Visitor Info

Visitors statistics of the 2019 event

Visitor numbers per city
Ho Chi Minh - 2,425
Hanoi - 1,570

When students plan to study abroad?
Within 3 months - 10%
3 - 6 months - 32%
6 months - 1 year - 45%
> 1 year - 13%

Courses of interest
Certificate program - 19%
Executive program 14%
Summer school - 10%
Language program - 30%
Masters - 25%
MBA - 15%
PhD - 3%
Undergraduate - 44%
Vocational - 14%

Top 10 Subject Areas
Business & Management
Tourism, Hospitality
Marketing, PR
Social Sciences
Film, Media & Communications
Art & Design

Making your fair experience easy and successful - Collect student data and increase conversions
We know our clients are extremely busy and are consistently traveling the world. To help reduce the work load, we offer a range of support services that makes participating easier and more cost effective. Lead management and especially the contact information you collect at education fairs are a crucial component of any student recruitment campaign.

Our cutting-edge data capture scanners allow you to collect detailed student information in real time. With one click, you will capture the name, full contact information and key information such as which course and country the student is interested and the date they plan to begin their course abroad. Your database will be ready for follow up the moment you walk out the door of the fair. Simple, fast and effective.

+ International Education Fair Vietnam - Participants

The following schools took part in the previous edition:

  • Asia Pacific University - Malaysia
  • Aviation Institute of Maintanance - USA
  • Baruch College - USA
  • Brno University of Technology - Czech Rep.
  • California State University - USA
  • Cambrigde International School - UK
  • Campus France
  • Cork Institute of Technology - UK
  • CQ University - Australia
  • Dublin Institute of Technology - Ireland
  • EDUCanada
  • Education USA
  • ESC Rennes - France
  • James Cook Univeristy - Australia
  • Limkokwing University - Malaysia
  • Southern Illinois University - USA

...and many more top international school, colleges and universities. Please contact us for a complete list of participants.

+ International Education Fair Vietnam - Exhibitor Info

Latest Vietnamese Higher Education study abroad stats (source: UNESCO 2020)
Vietnam is ranked 9 in the world for outbound tertiary student mobility. Around 5% of Vietnam’s tertiary level students are enrolled on courses overseas, with over 90% of these outbound students self-funding their studies. At this point  a total number of 94,662 students from Vietnam are studying for a tertiary degree (in higher education) abroad. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics these are the most popular study abroad destinations:

Japan - 26,768
USA - 23,204
Australia - 15,298
Korea - 4,656
France - 4,587
UK - 3,704
Finland - 2,528
Germany - 2,380 
Canada - 2,367
Russia - 1,374
New Zealand - 1,297
Thailand - 877
Czech - 728
Malaysia - 697

When you take all levels of educations into account, Vietnam sends over 125,000 students abroad anually, a record-breaking annual increase of 15%. According to the 2017 Open Doors report, Vietnamese students accounted for 8.7% (7,656 students) of the almost 90,000 students enrolled at community colleges across the US.

Vietnam Education Market information
For detailed information about the Vietnamese Study Abroad Market, download the Vietnam Study Abroad Market Update 2020. In this report you will find information about:

  • Vietnamese education system
  • Number of students abroad, areas of interest, destination countries etc.
  • Your competitors in Vietnam
  • How to reach Vietnamese students (popular websites, online behaviour, marketing opportunities)
  • Online marketing and social media trends (focussing on hoger education)
  • Scholarships for Vietnamese students

Recruiting Vietnamese High School Leavers
Owing to relatively low costs, open admission policies, good transfer opportunities and aggressive recruiting on behalf of institutions, there is an incredibly strong demand in Vietnam for high school completion programmes, notably in the US. High school completion programs are offered by community colleges and allow students to achieve two goals: earn a US high school diploma and an associate degree in two years.

How is this event marketed?
Search engine marketing campaigns based on your course and study destination
Alliances with local embassies, national study organisations and advising centres.
Cooperation with key scholarship agencies
On campus promotion at top universities and private high schools
Social media and study abroad newsletters
Highly targeted advertising in print and outdoor media
Targeted media and corporate sponsors provide us direct access into the homes of affluent families

International Education Fair Vietnam - Registration

If you would like a price quote for this event or if you would like detailed information, please fill out the registration form below. Submitting this form is obligation free!

Contact info

Institution name:
Institution web address:
City Zipcode:
Contact name:
Contact email:

Booth and exhibitor options

Hanoi Student Fair - 2700 USD
HCMC Student Fair - 4200 USD


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