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International Education Fair Egypt

International Education Fair Egypt - Event Details

International Education Fair Egypt
InterContinental Cairo Citystars
Start date
Tuesday, 19-Feb-2019 starts 13:00
End date
Tuesday, 19-Feb-2019 ends 18:00
Target Audience
College, Bachelor, Master, PhD, Professional, MBA
Price (as of)
1899 GBP
Welcome to the International Education Fair in Cario Egypt. This fair is open to all education institutions worldwide, helping you meet and recruit a wide pool of quality Egyptian potential students.

+ International Education Fair Egypt - Event Description

This event brings together institutions from all around the world to one place; giving students more opportunities and options, thereby attracting a larger, more diverse pool of students. For recruiters, this exhibition provides an opportunity to improve their reach and brand awareness; marketing to a larger number of students and alongside some well-known institutions.

Why recruit from Egypt?
- Also know as the capital of the Arab world, Cairo is one of the most international cities in Africa. It is a huge expat community. It offers tremendous recruitment opportunities
- The country's university sector is one of the largest in Africa. More than 20 million students attend university.
- Egypt has the greatest number of universities of any country in Afirca. There are 20 public universities, 23 private universities and 89 private higher educaton institutions and 51public polytechnic (level) institutions
- Egypt is a global top 20 study destination
- In terms of GDP, Egypt is the third largest economy in Africa. 
- English is the lingua franca in Egypt. Its inhabitant are truly international

Interested in recruiting from Egypt? Please let us know. 

+ International Education Fair Egypt - Visitor Info

Age breakdown
<17 years: 5%
17 - 20 years: 38%
21 - 30 years: 27%
31 - 40 years: 18%
41 - 50 years: 4%
50+ years: 8%

Courses of interest
Masters: 37%
Bachelors: 23%
PhD: 15%
Language: 10%
Boarding schools: 7%
Certificate: 3%
Vocational: 2%
Distance: 1

Funding sources
Self funding: 63%
Government funding: 17%
(Looking for) scholarship: 11%
Loan: 9%

+ International Education Fair Egypt - Participants

Just some of the particpants
University of Winnipeg
Yasar University
Schiller International University
High Commission of Canada
LeCordon Blue
Middlesex University Dubai

Send us an email  for more information


+ International Education Fair Egypt - Exhibitor Info

Egypt Higher Education Study Abroad Data (source: UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2017)
In 2017 a total number of 31,822 Egyptian students were studying abroad for a degree in higher education. The most popular study abroad destinations among students from Egypt are:

UAE - 5,256
Saudi Arabia - 4,886
USA - 3,461
France - 2,113
UK - 2,010
Qatar - 1,784
Malaysia - 1,365
Ukraine - 1,145
Canada - 1,128

Italy - 1,021

International Education Fair Egypt - Registration

If you would like a price quote for this event or if you would like detailed information, please fill out the registration form below. Submitting this form is obligation free!

Contact info

Institution name:
Institution web address:
City Zipcode:
Contact name:
Contact email:

Booth and exhibitor options

Standard 6m2 booth - 1899 GBP

Your registration includes
Shell scheme booth 6 M2 Include, a table, facial board, carpet, spotlights, electric extension, two chair, waste basket
Lunch and coffee break incl. hot and cold snacks during the education fair
Two representatives allowed per booth and provided free visa support letter
Recognition as fair participant in comprehensive marketing and promotion campaign
Listing and logo on all flyers, advertisements, banner, publication, etc.
Free exhibitor profile on the fair landing page
Sponsored & targeted post on our social media accounts, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Customised e-newsletter sent to all registered students before and after the fair Half-page, full-colour advertisement profile in the event guide
Great News! Now you can earn rewards for each fair you participate in and you can use the points for any of Worldview services or fairs


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