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China Education Fair

China Education Fair - Event Details

You are cordially invited to join the China Education Fair Tour 2020. This tour takes you to China's most reliable and promising student recruitment cities. Benefit from agent events, high school counselor events, school visits and university fairs. This is the only event on the calendar that provides you with such a diverse array of events in one single tour.

+ China Education Fair - Event Description

This China Education Fair is designed to maximize your time in four cities during a span of just 7 days. You will meet thousands of students spanning across four University Fairs and four days of School Visits at the most prolific Secondary Schools each city has to offer. We will also help you create new partnerships through High School Counselor Events and Agent Networking Events to expand your institution’s recruiting network.

Although China remains a highly reliable market for international students, our past tour members have come to trust and rely on our expertise to ensure their relevance. Many institutions today are cultivating existing relationships while others are eager to create new partnerships for recruitment. This is why our tour combines both well-established and less traveled destinations in China to bring you the most strategic opportunities to extend your reach in finding students that truly fit your school. Working tirelessly with our China ground teams, we are excited to bring you a meticulously planned itinerary that will lead to an exceptionally productive recruitment tour.

Strong Points
- high quality service: besides booth registration and set up, the organizers can assist you with student recruitment, establishing relationships between your school and Chinese Universities, and help organize networking events.

- Great locations

- Preselected students

-  You receive contact information for ALL students who attend, not just those who visit your table. All tour members will receive comprehensive pre-registration lists in addition to the list of students present at each event you attend

- 40 years proven track record 

- Various exhibitor packages available; tailored to your recruitment needs

+ China Education Fair - Event Program

The China Education Fair Tour has stops in the following cities. You can book the entire tour or individual cities. Please send us an email for options and a personalised price quote.

Beijing - 3 March 2020
Individual arrivals

Beijing - 4 March 2020
University Fair
High school visits

Beijing - 5 March 2020
Agent Event
High School Counselor Networking Event

Shijiazhuang - 6 March 2020
High school visits

Fly to Hangzhou

Huangzhou - 7 March 2020
University Fair

Fly to Shanghai

Shanghai - 8 March 2020 
University Fair

Shanghai - 9 March 2020 
High school visits

Debrief and drinks
Individual departures


+ China Education Fair - Exhibitor Info

Chinese higher education study abroad data (2019 update)
China is the world's largest sending nation in  terms of student number. In 2018 a total number 869,387 Chinese students were studying abroad (for or as part of a degree in higher education) according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics. The most popular study abroad destinations are:

USA - 309,837
Australia - 128,498
UK - 89,318
Japan - 76,537
Canada - 60,936
Korea - 38,568
Hong Kong - 28,737
France - 23,378
New Zealand - 17,646
Macao - 14,013
Italy - 13,738
Malaysia - 10,880
Russia - 10,603

Chinese Education System
To be admitted to university, Chinese students need to take the 高考 gaokao; the National Entrance Examination.To take part in the entrance examination, students must have a senior middle school graduation certificate, sometimes also translated as ‘general secondary education certificate’ (gaozhong).

Higher education is offered at institutions that call themselves ‘university’, ‘college’ or ‘school’. These include degree-awarding institutions (including several hundred research institutes), specialised institutions, professional universities, military institutions, medical schools and colleges (both regular and military), and executive training schools, which train staff for state-run companies and ministries.

Institutions that operate directly under the supervision of the Ministry of Education are the most prestigious (such as Peking University and Tsinghua University). The concepts of ‘college’ (学院 xueyuan) and ‘university’ (大学 daxue) are sometimes used interchangeably, yet ‘college’ usually implies a less prestigious institution than a university. The Chinese word for ‘university' (大学 daxue) is sometimes also translated as 'college'.

Bachelor and Master
Bachelor A bachelor’s degree (学士学位 xueshi xuewei) is awarded at the conclusion of a 4-year undergraduate programme (benke) at a higher education institution the nominal length of programmes in Medicine, traditional Chinese Medicine, Architecture and some Engineering and Music programmes is 5 years.

A master’s degree (硕士学位 shuoshi xuewei) takes 2 to 3 years to complete, half of which is devoted to coursework (on which students are examined) and the other half to writing the final paper. Admission is granted based on a bachelor’s degree and an entrance examination.

China Education Market information
For detailed information about the Chinese Study Abroad Market, download the China Study abroad Market Update. In this toolkit you will find information about:

- Number of students abroad, areas of interest, destination countries etc.
- Your competitors in China
- Working woth agents in China
- How to reach Chinese students (popular websites, online behaviour, marketing opportunities)
- Online marketing trends in China (focussing on hoger education)

You will find the China Study abroad Market Update. to be a useful source of information when you are looking to recruit students from China.

China Education Fair - Registration

If you would like a price quote for this event or if you would like detailed information, please fill out the registration form below. Submitting this form is obligation free!

Contact info

Institution name:
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City Zipcode:
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Booth and exhibitor options

Full tour - 8900 USD
Beijing - 4000 USD
Per city (please request price quote)


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