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Asia Education Fair Tour

Asia Education Fair Tour - Event Details

With high school visits in 4 different cities, two bankable University fairs, agent events and a host of counselor connections, the Asia Education Fair Tour will re-formulate your recruitment experience and define for you a new, and immersive approach to some of the world’s strongest student markets in Asia: Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

+ Asia Education Fair Tour - Event Description

As we start in Taiwan, we’ll help you supplement your private school recruitment with our unique connections to wealthy students attending the top government schools. Where possible we’ll also connect you with vetted agents from across the city who we have visited individually over the past year and who will keep your presence alive all year. 

The Vietnam experience is always an intense set of programming which is annually touted by our Tour members as some of the best recruitment events in Asia. This year, we’ve added new schools/mini-fairs, and a powerful All-day Agent Networking Event to garner an even larger market share for participating universities. You will also be meeting with  university bachelor and master students at the University Fairs in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. To sum it up: a myriad of school visits will leave you invigorated knowing you’re leaving the region, and Tour, with exceptional contacts and multiple ways to keep your School’s name alive throughout the enrollment cycle.

The final stop on the Asian Tour is KL Malaysia where you will be visiting  number of top class international schools.

We look forward to welcoming you to this well-crafted and strategic set of enrollment events. When you have questions, please contact us so that we may discuss each market and how you can benefit from a truly immersive recruitment plan.

+ Asia Education Fair Tour - Event Program

19 February 2020 - Taipei, Taiwan
Individual arrivals
Intro and welcome dinner

20 February 2020 Taipei, Taiwan
School visits

Fly to Hanoi - Vietnam

21 February 2020 - Hanoi, Vietnam
School visits

22 February 2020 - Hanoi, Vietnam
University Fair
Fly to Ho Chi Minh City

23 February 2020 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
University Fair

24 February 2020 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
School visits 

25 February 2020 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Agent event

Fly to Malaysia

26 February 2020 -  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
School visits
Debrief and drinks

27 February 2020 -  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
School visits

+ Asia Education Fair Tour - Exhibitor Info

Taiwan higher education study abroad data ((UNESCO 2018)
In 2018 a total number of 57,956 students from Taiwan were studying abroad. This is 7.12% of the total student body. The most popular study destinations are:

USA - 23,250
Australia - 7211
Japan - 6402
UK - 4,380 
Canada - 2883
New Zealand - 1,448
Germany - 1,441
Poland - 483
Austria - 383
Netherlands - 370
Thailand - 256
Korea - 214

Vietnam higher education study abroad data (UNESCO 2018)
Vietnam is ranked 9 in the world for outbound tertiary student mobility. Around 5% of Vietnam’s tertiary level students are enrolled on courses overseas, with over 90% of these outbound students self-funding their studies. At this point  a total number of 82,160 students from Vietnam were studying for a tertiary degree (in higher education) abroad. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics these are the most popular study abroad destinations:

USA - 22,172
Japan - 19,152
Australia - 15,289
France - 4,400
UK - 3,979
Korea - 3,432
Canada - 2,034
Finland - 1,894
Russia - 1,474
New Zealand - 1,297
Czech - 836
Malaysia - 688
Italy - 407

Malaysian Study Abroad Data (UNESCO 2018)
Malaysia is both modern and traditional, and the country proudly boasts five universities appearing in the QS World University Rankings. Efforts have been made to encourage private sector's involvement in providing industry-relevant education so that Malaysia can become the world's 6th biggest education exporting country by 2020 with a target of 200,000 international students.

In 2018 a total number of 64,480 students from Malaysia were studying abroad (for or as part of a degree in higher education) according to UNESCO Institute for Statistics. The most popular destinations are:

UK - 17,360
Australia - 15,113
USA - 8,446
Egypt - 4,556
Japan - 2,245
Russia - 2,038
Jordan - 1,890
India - 1,638
New Zealand - 1,479
Ireland - 1,468
Canada - 1.224
France - 948
Germany - 745
Saudi Arabia - 590
Korea - 456
China - 341


Asia Education Fair Tour - Registration

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Booth and exhibitor options

Full tour - 8900 USD
Taiwan only - 1000 USD
Vietnam only - 6400 USD
Malaysia only - 1000 USD


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