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Education fairs in Turkey

Online Education Fair Turkey

Europe - Turkey
09 October 2020
High school, College, Bachelor, Master
Welcome to the Online Education Fair Turkey. This virtual event is allows Turkish students and their parents to meet with a wide of international universities and colleges from the comfort of their own home.
Online Education Fair Turkey

International Education Fair Turkey

Europe - Turkey
07 November 2020
High school, College, Bachelor, Master, PhD, Professional, MBA, Graduate
Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir

Welcome to the annual International Education Fair in Turkey taking place from 7 to 13 Novemberl 2020. For nearly 2 decades, this event has attracted thousands of students and scores of top international schools, colleges and universities. This education fair tour is the only event in the country supported The Association of International Education Counsellors of Turkey. The tour covers the major student cities in Turkey: Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul.

International Education Fair Turkey

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